Saturday, 26 September 2009


My mum says she's never seen me so excited about anything. With excitement comes nerves. And I am very nervous. My mums worried that I'm so excited it will be a dissapointment. I'm worried now that I've started on this adventure that it will be over too soon.
So here I am sitting here in the departure lounge waiting for the flight. I'm with my new friend Tessa who's talking to her daughter on the phone about make up she had to buy her in duty free.
There's a load of Princes trust women on this flight who's matching tshirts say that they're changing young people's lives. Thing I've noticed about female Prince's trust volunteers - they all wear sensible knickers and zippy off trousers I despise (no I still don't have a pair of zippy trousers)
There's a lady with purple hair in my group. They all seem good fun.
I'm getting less nervous now after eating Toblerone. It'll be my first time in India - if only for a few hours in Delhi before leaving for Kathmandu.
Still can't think straight about all this. I'm going to Kathmandu! Hahaha wooo!

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