Friday, 1 January 2010

Can't stop, won't stop - no rest for the Wicked!

I hadn't blogged about "normal" life since my return from the Himalayas really, not because i wasn't having a normal life, but because i was too busy having my "normal" life...
So here's a few photos from my life since the return that i've neglected to talk about before....

2 Days after getting home from the Himalayas my dear friend Myra arrived and we whizzed off with Lucy to see Cauldron with Wolf. I missed the whole Wolf/Cauldron tour apart from the very last date which happened to be in.... Dudley. 2 very different worlds, Buddhist Kingdoms and Heavy metal, but i love them both!

Weekend after the Himalayas! Gatecrashing my sister's 40th birthday with some of my best buddies!

Caught in the Crossfire Halloween party where i DJed with Lady Starlight

Paris where i visited my sister and her family and my dear Cecile!

The Mike Alexander Memorial shows which i helped run with Ol from Evile in Leeds

Leeds show with Joan, Mike's Mum

London show with all the bands that played - Seregon, Mutant, Gama Bomb and the covers team!

Earache Xmas party 2009!

Seamus - the best dyslexic Santa ever!

Thanks Myra for helping me out with the Mike shows, and Lucy for the party and all of my friends for being so ace!! x

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