Monday, 18 January 2010

Last years resolutions

I like making New Year's resolutions. I like having a plan.
I tried to have a plan last year in 2009. Not only did i have 7 New years resolutions, but i also had a London paper horoscope for 2009 which i thought was a good plan to try and stick to. 

SO - how did my plans go?
I agree, i think 2010 was a fortunate year...
But i didn't set up my own business, but i did plan some long-haul holidays...
I didn't find my soulmate, and i didn't fall pregnant...
But, hell it was a good plan right? Haha!

So how did i do with my own resolutions that weren't according to the stars?
I did visit Tibet and Buenos Aires, but i didn't visit Istanbul.
I didn't do much jogging. Its crap.
I did do my hip exercises. Sometimes.
I never passed my skating assessments.
I didn't email a radio demo every fortnight. (But i really should have done)
And i still don't have a paid radio show...

BUT you know, even if you don't achieve all of your plans, its good to have some goals, and a list.
I like ticking things off, and i like having things to look forward to.
So now i have to think about 2010. I'm not relying on the London paper horoscope this year. Instead i've bought a 2010 horoscope guide for £5.99. Surely the extra £5.99 will mean that its all BOUND to come true right? 

But now after having been to Tibet, i need to work out where i want to go this year, as after having done something you've been waiting to do for so long its difficult to know where to go next!

At least i know i still have to get to Istanbul!

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  1. Jogging is so boring!

    I just started doing burpees to lose weight. Takes about 2 minutes until you're completely knackered to start with, now I can do a few more sets. They get your heart pumping Talita, they're a proper prison workout staple