Sunday, 19 April 2009



Here's Olivia with the pair of tickets Malcolm gave us to see AC/DC at the O2. The excitement was palpable. Neither of us had seen AC/DC before. (Thanks Malcolm!)

You can't tell from this photo, but two rows in front of us were the guys from Top Gear. Not Jeremy curly hair Clarkson, the other two. The one who was in that accident.

Everyone standing spotted him at one point (before AC/DC came on) and started singing the Top Gear theme tune. Very surreal. What great seats!

The Rock n roll train came onstage with this animated little story, that had more than a few visual ephemisums which made me look at the Dad infront of us with his son to see if he was getting embarrassed. It was awesome.

I still don't really have words to describe what a great show it was. People kept asking me what i thought afterwards and i still dont know what to say. They were so good its almost unreal. Hells Bells!

What did suprise me was how sexy the music they play is when its live. I mean, i've always thought AC/DC as a great good time party band. But the way they play, honestly, could put the biggest prude in the mood. Its like Barry White for drunk white people. Here's the big blow up Whole lotta Rosie riding the Rock n roll train. She was moving back and forth like she was really enjoying it. Hahahaha.

I also feel that i've come to understand Jerry Ewing better, by watching AC/DC.

Here's the part where Angus Young took his trousers down and showed us all his AC/DC boxer shorts. He's old and small. But still everyone wanted to see his boxers. That's rock n roll right?

Olivia and I were dancing the whole time. I don't understand how people couldn't. I realise for some people weren't used to going to shows. Get loose though, no one is going to judge you. Go for it, have a good time. Its AC/DC!!!

We wound up afterwards getting drunk at the Metal Hammer aftershow party. We continued to dance until the early hours.

I can't help but realise how lucky i am. Firstly to have seen the mind blowing AC/DC, and secondly to have friends like Malcolm, who made it possible, and people like Olivia and Johanna who would dance the night away too. I'm living the Rock n roll dream i guess.

Dave Witte - i'm sorry you weren't there.

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