Tuesday, 28 April 2009


EVILE: a triumphant return to the London Underworld. Only 20 tickets short of sold out. That's an achievement and i'm proud of them.

They even had a ticket tout outside asking people if they wanted to buy an Evil ticket. Then you know you've made it.... kind of:

Look at Mike loving it! What a dude! He's totally embracing who and what Evile are now and enjoying every minute of it! Love you Mike! Awesome!

I love these guys. Not only are they straight up, sweet guys with a great work ethic, but i think their brand of metal is sorely needed in the UK and really welcome to a landscape of music that has been way too preoccupied with Metalcore, Emo and Deathcore in recent times.

Matt Drake seemed overwhelmed by the crowd - numbers and response, and peppered the set with astonishment and thanks. Get used to it Matt! Evile are awesome!!

Lucy and i jumped on the tour bus after the show to get to Prestatyn for Hammerfest

As we'd finished work for the week (until Hammerfest the next morning) we decided to drink. Vodka.
Which let to an impromptu performance of our rap group, hitherto only witnessed by Cauldron in a rehersal studio in Soho.

And of course, the neccessary Wotsit competition. Which i won. Of course.
Everyone knows i've got a big gob.

More about Hammerfest later.
As you can see Lucy and I were total winners.

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