Thursday, 25 June 2009

The best girls!

Thank you!

So i am one lucky mothertrucker. I have got to see all my favourite girls in this month of June - even though one of them is in the USA!

In case you don't know, let me introduce you to the girls i am forever grateful to, and for:

Rach the mental health nurse

Kat the Cardiff nurse

Olivia of the Crobar
and Myra over there in Richmond
And honourary girly friend Matt Hayday (sorry Matt, i know you're very macho, but i had to include you here!)

I love you all big time. Festival season is a lot of work and these girls have my back!
And its amazing i got to see all of you in the same month!!
Lucy and Matt (and new girly friend Starlight) thanks for helping me out and working with me at Download!!
Lucy and Rachael thanks for coming to Hellfest getting involved and having my back! We are now bonded on the grassy knoll for life!

Kat and Olivia - i got to hang with you both - briefly - in June! Yes!

And Myra! Thanks for all your help in Richmond!

You guys are actually the best. Ever.

Big shouts to Lucy Darkness, Sharon R, Lady S and Feebz too! OMG so many fucking awesome ladies! Love you too!

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