Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Festival number 6: Metal Town festival Sweden!

Metal Town Sweden!
Only 2 nights in my own bed, and off again. Straight after Hellfest to Sweden to work with Municipal Waste. Ahhh Sweden! For 2 nights!
Municipal Waste are gearing up for the release of their new album MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE out Aug 24th 09 and with this in mind i have many trips and plans to sort the press.
Close up magazine was doing a shoot and interview at Metal Town Sweden, and i wanted to be there to ensure it happened and then to bring Tony Foresta and Ryan Waste back to London.
I really like Sweden, Scandinavia always makes me feel at home. The landscape and the people make me happy, and i have fond memories of Augustibuller in Sweden a couple of years ago with the Waste.
This was my first time in Gothenburg.
I came on the Thursday evening and met up with my friend Lisa who used to present on Totalrock in London and moved to Gothenburg. We had a great evening in Gothenburg catching up and relaxing and even hitching a ride! (that was the first time i've ever hitched, but apparently Sweden is very safe...)

The next day - Friday, Municipal Waste arrived around 1.30pm from Denmark. I got in the Van driven by the lovely Mira and went to the festival site. It was a very hot day - strangely hot for Sweden, and some of the time was spent trying to stay out of the sun.
There was something in the air, and we all knew it was going to be a funny night.
I updated the whole thing to the Earache Tumblr / Twitter www.earache.tumblr.com
The show was fantastic as always. Huge pit, and they all played in sunglasses. Respect.
I filmed, took photos and tumblr-d at the same time. Skill.
After the show we had to clear out the dressing room - here's Moe carrying the beer.
And the crisps.
After the show - the photoshoot and interview for Close up magazine.

And the start of the drinking. I knew Metal Town would be crazy. My bag of Vodka, Whisky and beer says i was right.

Phil and i getting CRAZY with glasses and Lisa and Ryan doing an Egyptian dance.
It was Lisa's birthday so we all sung a great ragga/stoner/rap rendition of Happy birthday.
And then i licked Lisa's lemon.
Here's Moe, Lisa and I.
All i can say about the rest of the night is that i fell in love with Summer in Gothenburg.
And i am great at getting out of vans in time to puke.
Oh, and i missed Tony running on stage during Disturbed's set but it was one of my favourite stories of the night.
I did try and speak Swedish, and Finnish.
And i believe i spoke a lot of drunk!
It was hard work to make it to the airport early the next morning with Tony and Ryan - but can't complain, totally self inflicted and totally awesome.
Festival number 6 done!

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