Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Richmond Virginia part 2

My third, and last day in Richmond Virginia. I was awake early and i went for breakfast with Phil at his parents house - they had a new puppy and i had to visit it and cuddle it! Yes! Puppy!

Then we went back into Richmond and met up with Ester, James, Ryan, Alex, Amy and Dave. I made my first bloody Mary. It was totally gross. I hate tomato juice. I had hot sauce. It was horrid. Gross. Horrid. Ugh. Puke. I'll try anything once though, and now i can categorically say, i don't like Bloody Mary's. James however, seemed to quite enjoy it....

We went to the celebrated Chocolate shop, and Dave Witte's girlfriend Amy's shop, we hung out in the sun, and went to the Municipal Waste practise space.

Before i knew it it was time to go.

I don't know when i'll get to see Myra again. Which is very sad. She's so positive about everyone all the time. She never says a bad word about anyone, and she's always so careful and caring. Honestly she's an angel!

I'll see Municipal Waste again in a couple of weeks in Sweden. They're always good fun. Its great to work with such a fun band.

So Richmond Virginia, Goodbye for the second time... maybe i'll see you again sometime!

Right on!

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