Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cats and Dogs have ....all the luck in RVA

Looking back through my photos from RVA last weekend i've realised that there were a LOT of animals involved in my little jaunt over the pond! (and i don't just mean Municipal Waste!! ;-P )
I love dogs, i love cats, i love pretty much all animals apart from the mosquitos that sucked my blood whilst in the garden doing the Terrorizer shoot in RVA.

I think that having a dog or a cat is such a priviledge. I often wish i had more time and a garden so i could have a dog or cat at home. Have a little happy soul to cuddle up to and to try and understand sharing your home life and being cute. I did used to have a dog who i loved ever so much - Kiko:

And we've always had cats in my family - "Blackie" who was found in the Wendy house before i was born, Nunki and Zosma, the sisters i got when i was 10 - Nunki now lives with my brother, she's a beatiful old dame - Zosma got run over when i was 16 and caused me to take a week off school i was so upset, i really loved that cat - then Bellatrix who replaced Zosma and also got run over.

Anyway, let me introduce you to some of the animals i got to hang out with at the weekend:

Here's "Porch cat" with Myra. She lives on the front porch next to where we did the Terrorizer photoshoot. She's a bit of a nutta and she has fleas.

Here's Phil with the latest addition to his family's dogs - this is Jasper, little brother of Cooper, the bold.

Here's Jasper and good Ol' Lisey.

Jasper and Cooper! That's my twig!!

Yeah Jasper show me your back teeth!

Here's a dog that lives with Myra - he's called Whisky and he hates men with beards. With a passion. Phil nearly had his face ripped off.

The most wonderful Elder, Drew (Myra's beau). What a cute chap! Drew found him under a truck when he was a puppy. He was abandoned and sad - now he's a super awesome happy dog! What a star!

Oh, and here's some ladybird's doing it on a crisp packet:

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