Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bye bye 169!!

Bye bye 169!

Bye bye Dad's Dahlias and the acer tree and the fir trees and the willow tree that grew from a cutting of the tree near the Ickenham guide hut!

Bye bye conservatory that got lifted over the top of the house by a big crane that stopped traffic and caused a big hold up that i heard about on the radio on the way to school.

Bye bye kitchen that was once my playroom

Bye bye upstairs of the house and Mum on the landing of the upstairs of the house and the stairs that creaked and the wallpaper that was so flowery

Bye bye 169! I will miss you! But now we've left i feel sadder about Zosma my cat who is left buried in the garden for the new owners than i do about moving on. Life is change and this change was well overdue.

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