Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Jab jab poke poke 5 weeks to go!!

So i now have 5 weeks to go until i leave for Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Even though I'm only away for just over 2 weeks i still have to have some jabs. Trying to work out which ones isn't so easy "consult your doctor" it says.
So i can tell you i definitely don't need the Yellow Fever jab - as that only occurs in South America and Africa.

I've had 2 jabs so far which are handily combined vaccines - Hepatitis A, & Typhoid fever and Diphtheria (which my Nan once collapsed of on the stairs when she was a kid), Tetanus and Polio.

Now i have to decide whether i want the Meningitis jab - The travel Meningitis jab isn't the same as the immunisation you get just for the UK - Here in the UK you get a meningitis C jab which lasts for life - the travel vaccine is A,C, U or something.
All this jab business is very complicated. You have to do your homework it seems.
Rabies is another one that takes a decision.

Its endemic in Asia, but it is in most places, even in Europe.If you get the jabs you need to get to a hospital within 24hours for a top up. If you don't get the jabs you need to get to a hospital within 24hours for jabs. I like animals and will probably want to stroke a cat or hug a monkey whilst I'm away... but do i need 3 jabs in advance... ugh i dunno. Can i not just control myself and not hug a bat?

Ahhh Malaria. Not a jab but tablets. Tablets that can make you sick. Bhutan has malaria, but only in the lower areas of the country that I'm not going to. Same with Kathmandu. So I've decided I'm not taking anti-malarials.

Oh jabs! What a lot of fun they are! There's still loads more disease-related stuff i have to read up on, and work out what precautions I'm meant to take against altitude sickness etc.
5 weeks to go, and I'm trying to be organised. I went to the docs too to get a repeat prescription for my inhalers - he said "5 weeks ahead! you're very organised!"
But i was there planning jabs anyway...
Now i look like a hypochondriac! I've never had jabs for travelling before. I've never bothered. But because I'm going by myself I'm just trying to be safe... cause although there's a hospital in Kathmandu and Thimphu there isn't anywhere else.
And at least if i get this out the way asap, then i can think about all the fun stuff to do with the trip!
I have no fear of needles, and jabs don't scare me at all, in fact i hardly felt them, just felt a bit weird for a few hours after but nothing major. I really want to be able to enjoy my trip as best i can. That's why i don't want to take anti-malarials!

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