Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sonisphere! Festival number 7

My first festival of the summer where i wasn't working! Win!

And the first Sonisphere festival (in the UK) at Knebworth!

My first Knebworth festival to boot.

I went down Saturday morning with Louise, Kat (who's recently graduated as a nurse! well done Kat!), Marc, James and Khaled. Getting to spend a weekend with friends is such a treat! Especially my girls Kat and Louise!

So because i wasn't working and we were all going down together, i decided i should camp - hell! we should all camp together.

I was even excited about camping.

Khaled had a 12 person tipee, and inflatable chairs. Luxury camping!

Knebworth is about an hour from central London, so its no trouble to get to. We had some trouble with the VIP camping already being full, but after an hour or so wait (put to good use whilst drinking) - and you gotta expect some teething problems with a first year.

We got to see Sylosis before we waited for putting the tents up

And then Sylosis front man Jamie got a good beating with an inflatable Gladiator pugil stick courtesy of Mark back at the campsite. That'll show him for putting on a good show and getting a huge circle pit going during which i nearly got stuck to a half naked sweaty hairy man. Ugh.

Look at that peaceful campsite and sunset after torrential heavy rain that unfortunately fell down hard during Heaven and Hell's set
I <3>
I got to go and see my friend Nadia who works in the Dio camp later that night - i waved hi to Dio himself too - but hung out with Nadia as i don't get to see her alot.
It was nice to catch up with people i'd work with at festivals earlier on in the summer under less pressurised conditions.
Later on i was reminded why i hate camping.
So bloody cold! Ugh!
After a couple of hours sleep whilst freezing sun was up and it was boiling. Ugh! No happy medium!

Sunday was a great day at Sonisphere. Despite walking round like a hedge born unkempt lost zombie mess for the first few hours i soon got into the swing of it, and the lovely sunny day was a great improvement on the torrential rain of the day before. I ran into some friends from festivals earlier this year... which produced some hilarious afternoon moments

Sunday night was the mighty Metallica!

(It was Hetfields birthday and the end of tour so he got covered in cream pies by his kids - nice)

So, good end to my first non-work festival of the year! Win!
And so nice to have no-pressure hang time with my friends.
I really like Knebworth as a venue for a festival too. Hope it happens again next year!

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