Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Do little in the sun

I love animals. (Apart from mosquitos, bedbugs and wasps). And I love the zoo. I think you can tell a lot about a city by its zoo. And don't think I don't feel compassion for animals in cages - I do believe animals shouldn't be caged. But mostly these days animals are bred in captivity and the enclosures are getting better - and the chance of hanging out with a white lion is too awesome to miss.
I always try to visit the zoo wherever I go. I really enjoy it, and also as I was alone today (Chloe was at work for the new Coca cola campaign) I wanted to make some new friends (of the 4 legged kind)
So, Buenos Aires zoo. As its hot, more of the animals were out and active than in the UK. Apart from the polar bear ?!!!? Who was one of the only few unhappy looking inhabitants. I made friends, notably with a herd of antelope, a herd of deer, a load of goats, numerous monk jack deer and a llama. Mainly because you can feed the animals in this zoo, and I bought a 10pesos bucket to feed them with and instantly had new friends.
I also made friends with a one-eyed chicken. Who didn't like me for my food but just hung out with me on a step in the shade for half an hour. Passers by found us quite amusing as I think I was talking a lot to the chicken and she was nodding and strutting and sitting and looking at me with one eye and her head cocked. I think we were an odd pair. But it was hot, and it was nice to be in the shade.
I also made friends with a donkey who liked me for my ear scratching skills.
My favourites though were the HUGE hippos. I mean HUGE!!!! The Himylayan snow leopards, the white lions, the coyotes and the skunk.
Its really a very well kept zoo, apart from the poor Polar bear who looked way too hot and the ocelot who had cage rage it was a great zoo. (Apart from surly staff and bad food)
I like the fact you could feed the animals and there were loads just wondering around like the monk jacks.

I stayed at the zoo for about 6 hours, maybe more and that was pretty much my whole day.
I am no longer sun burn free.

Tomorrow I'm doing sight seeing - La Prensa, Recolta, etc.
Then Thursday I'm planning on going to Uruguay.

Chloe and I have just got in from a Chinese restaurant. I didn't eat chicken there I ate beef.

In the words of my new chicken friend
Bocboc booocbocboc cluck cluck cluck

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