Saturday, 14 March 2009

Uruguay for a day, Golfcart for 3 hours and almost a dog for life

I'm sitting on Chloe's sofa, just out the shower and half ready for a "big party". I leave BA tomorrow night :-( Back to the big smoke from the good air (where everyone smokes)

I left BA this morning, and Argentina infact on a boat for Uruguay. It was a fast Catamaran, and totally packed with all sorts, holiday makers, business men,

Ok Chloe came back and I had to party! Ill update the rest at another time, suffice to say Hello Bristol, feliz compleanos Pierre and
I leave tomorrow :-(

In cab home from
PART. Y? Cause its Buenos Aires

Sorry Uruguay dog!


Going to Uruguay for the day was a great decision. Not only was it SO HOT and it's nice to get out the city, but there was a beach! And a dog! And a golf cart!

So Ryan ( and i had decided to go to Uruguay together, and after Thursday's rain Friday turned out perfect weather. We had to get a seacat from the Buquebus terminal in BA. The journey takes an hour but you have to arrive earlier than that to get your papers sorted and go through immigration. (Which was a bit confusing - remember to check in first?!)

We got to Colonia at noon - there's an hour difference between Argentina and Uruguay - and mooched about in the sun. I was desperate to get to the beach, cause it was so hot, and i like to think a holiday in the sun should have a beach.

We hired a golf cart for $10 an hour, i found it totally hilarious. It went about 5mph. I was laughing all the way.

We found a little beach and sat in the hot hot sun. A dog (who i named Herbert) attached himself to me. He had a lot of fleas but he was so cute.

There was a bar by the beach Ryan and i went and sat there to have a drink, the dog came with us, and when i went to the loo, he whined. Poor doggie.

I can't spend that long in the sun. I was on the beach for 2 hours, maybe more. But i burn so quick and the sun was so hot. The water at Colonia in Uruguay is brown, the colour of mud, because it's not the sea, it's actually an estuary

3 hours after we hired the golf cart ($10 an hour) we decided to drive them back. We got in the cart and started driving up the hill and Herbert (the dog) followed us. We sped up (6 mph) and got to the top of the hill, i looked back and Herbert was still following us. Whilst waiting to pull out into the road, Herbert caught up with us and tried to get in the cart, he was whining and looking at me, and i burst into tears, he was so cute and wanted to stay, and i just wanted to cuddle him but he was so full of fleas.

We pulled out into the road and he ran along the pavement - he only had 3 good legs! - and he kept running - and i kept looking back and he was still there - running! :-(

I felt terrible leaving him. Really terrible!

We spent our last Uruguayan pesos in a cafe near the port on a coke and a bottle of water then we went to get the ferry. As we were queuing up to get on the boat i realised i'd left my Cauldron t-shirt at the cafe and i ran back as fast i could to go and find it.

"Donde esta my tshirt?" I said (or similar)

And she said "oh this? (in spanish)" holding my soggy white metal tshirt with a pinch - yes yes yes Si si si i said grabbing it GRACIAS i shouted and ran back in time just to make the ferry with a beautiful sunset:

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  1. Talita:
    Hope next time you come to Uruguay, give me a call, so we can meet :)