Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sightseeing the dead

Today I went to the Cematario de la Recoleta in what was once (and kinda still is) the poshest area of BA (Recoleta). Eva Peron is entombed there, and whilst that's interesting what's more interesting is all the other tons of tombs, black, white, art deco, crosses, menorahs, anubis (?!), pyramids, jesus', marys, stripes, broken, neglected, new, (mostly) 19thC, eerie, unkempt and clean - all sorts. But mainly morbid and containing dead people (and maybe some undead?). Sounds great.
Definatley highlights an interesting layer and period of Argentinian society.
Then I went to the Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada (pink palace).
I must have spent 3hours in that cemetary! Awesome!

Its currently raining sheets. Tropical rain! South American rain!
I'm meant to be going out with Pablo in half an hour. I think he has a car.
Rain like this means death for any electronics! And hair. And feet.

Sights of Talita:

1. My 19 mosquito bites
2. My stripey feet from sandal sunburn
3. My sunburn from yesterday in the shape of South America where I could reach to put cream
4. My 4 new cds:

Cds are like 20pesos which is £4 so its cheap. I came across a cd store on Av de Mayo, and had a look in and found Horcas cds (this was the band on the guys tshirt on Sunday at the train station - I recognised the logo) so after trying to talk to the girl with the nose ring in the shop i bought:
HORCAS (2 albums)
And cJs (mainly because of the artwork)
I have no idea what these bands are like! Hahaha
But its a start!

I would really like to discover the black metal and death metal kids here, but so far the only rock/metal tshirted kids I've seen have been Rhapsody/ Judas Priest/ Guns n Roses

So now I'm planning to go to Uruguay Friday as I met some dude in the cemetary from some USA label - can't remember the name of it - but Bear Claw are one of his bands
So seeing as he was going Friday I thought I would postpone a day, as its nicer not to go alone - even though there's apparently a HUGE party Friday night. I'm sure ill be back in time, parties here start at 1am!

...Still raining.

Mum! I'm glad I've got a brolly!


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