Monday, 9 March 2009

White legs and red and yellow houses

Kenzo is Chloe's old friend from school. He's french, and is spending a month in Argentina and left tonight for a 20hr coach trip to Salta. We spent the day hanging out, first going to Catedral on the tube which was packed and hot, like all metro I think. Where I encountered a singing mad man who thought he was in a hareem I think. Most camp mad man I've ever seen.
We spent maybe nearly an hour queuing up to change money as they only seem to change pounds in the centre of town at the moment. Every bank's queue was out the door.
Argentina is a weird mix of races and faces. There's almost no black people here. All different types of South American. Then mixes of Europeans and S americans and all sorts of heights, eyes, faces - its interesting. What you don't get very often here though, and it causes people to stare, is people with skin as white as mine.
We went from the train station where Kenzo bought his coach ticket to Boca. Home of Boca Juniors. Home of the brightly coloured houses (tourist attraction) and a "poor" area of BA. My white legs were a cause of mucho interest. And I'm not sure it was complimentary! Hahaha
Boca is home of Maradona and the huge yellow and blue stadium I was amazed by. It feels so alive there, I've heard stories of Boca Juniors vs. River being insane matches, and you can kind of feel it in the air.
I ate a steak, as that's the thing to do in Argentina. And I had an ice cream, as that's also a good thing to do in Argentina.
It was very sunny today and we walked deep into La Boca, my white legs I'm sure reflecting the sun like ivory mirrors - nice!
There are a lot of stray dogs and a lot of corragated iron, and a lot of really interesting buildings. Better than those on the main tourist drag all brightly coloured, although those are great too.
Nearly bought my brother a "greatest goal in the world 1986 maradona" baseball cap. "Argentina 2, England 1"
But I didn't dare.

Buenos Aires seems to be so full of colour and contrast. I love it.

We went to the Jardin Botanico and the famous BA 1970's Planetarium too.

Still no sun burn. Bonus.



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