Sunday, 15 March 2009

Have you heard the one about the 2 guys on a scooter in BA?

So before i tell you how i'm home safe and what a good trip i had let me tell you what happened 2 hours before i was due to leave.

Yesterday was a hot day in BA, the kind of hot that comes right before a rain storm. Humidity it seems makes me feel queasy, or it could have been whatever that ferreret drink was that i had at another party on a roof top, anyway, i awoke on my last day in BA not feeling too good.

Chloe had to get to work, so i had a Saturday alone, but then i met up with Ryan for lunch, still feeling a bit sick, and decided to take a slow walk back to the flat as i wasn't feeling too good and the heat was getting to me.

I realised i needed to take a detour to the bank as i only had 126pesos left and i needed to pay the taxi, and the airport tax. I got a bit confused about which was it was to the bank, and went on a detour via a street named French, took a photo of it, got my map out to check where i was and headed back to Chloe's thinking i would check where the bank was, get a cuppa tea, and pop out again to get money... as i was thinking these thoughts a scooter pulled up on the pavement and kinda puttered along (i assumed looking for a place to park) we were coming up to a florist, so i thought maybe he's picking up a delivery, but i thought it was strange as he was getting in my way, and you would think he would let me pass, it occured to me something wasn't right, he lifted the visor of his helmet and gave me a look that was so vicious i won't forget it then all of a sudden i was being grabbed from behind. I couldn't run forward because the scooter was blocking me. A guy in a red tshirt (i honestly could tell you no more about him) had ran up behind me kinda slammed into me, tried to knock me on the head and take my back. He was yanking and yanking at my bag. But i would not let him have it. It was just a little shopping bag over my arm and under my armpit, but my arm went through it and i had a firm grip. Although i was alone and blonde i am not an idiot. I held on tight and i screamed. FUCK YOU FUCK OFF YOU'RE NOT GETTING MY BAG ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ARRRRRRRRRSEHOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLES!!!!

To be honest, i have no idea how i managed to hold on, it seems like i was holding on forever but at the same time i know it was only an instant. I was screaming so loud people stopped in the street (it was maybe 5pm) and people came out their flats/shops and the guy in the red tshirt jumped on the scooter and sped off, without getting anything out of me. Fuck those arseholes!

I was in shock and burst into tears as soon as they'd gone of course! A nice lady came and helped me and a guy sat me down and gave me a glass of water all tutting what had happened and saying how terrible it was.

The way they set up this attempted robbery - with one of them on a scooter, was clearly planned and something they do a lot.

SO beware as that guy parking a scooter may be blocking your escape!

I realise that i was out alone, and wandering. Which is not the best idea. I should have been going straight from A to B with purpose. I realise i look like a tourist, being so white i'm almost translucent and freckley and blonde. But i didn't think i was going to be alone all day, and i was just filling the last couple of hours before i left.

I was lucky, so very lucky. I don't know if i did the right thing - don't they tell you to just give them your stuff so you don't get hurt? But i was not going to give him my bag! My Blackberry, my camera with all my holiday photos and my purse (with card) NO! NO NO NO NO NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

And i guess because i held on and i screamed like a banshee they didn't get anything.
But i was lucky i didn't get anything worse than a shock and a little bruise.

What arseholes!

Anyway, i'm safe back in the UK now. And this hasn't put me off Argentina or Buenos Aires. Shit happens. I think if i was aware i was going to be by myself, i may have been better prepared, but in actual fact this kind of stuff can't be stopped, and you just gotta think i had a great time, apart from that!

I'm sure San La Muerte is coming for them.

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