Thursday, 28 May 2009

Booked for Bhutan!!!

I have reserved...

not paid for yet...


My September / October trip.

Since my first plans, when i was thinking i might be able to take a month off, take the Trans-Siberian, go from Russia, all the way through Mongolia (on a poney), through China, to Tibet... things have changed.

Because i have a lot of work to do for the new Municipal Waste album, and the new Evile album, i can't really afford to take a month out of work.

Also, just the amount of planning it takes, especially when there are two of you, Birgit and I, trying to plan our dreams together... i dont have the time!

I am not looking at this as any kind of defeat, because i'm going to Tibet, and to Bhutan, and to Nepal. This year. But i can't do the Trans-Siberian this year. That's now next year.

So now, i am travelling alone - to meet up with a group - that is probably mostly consisted of people over the age of 40...

And i'm flying to Kathmandu on 26th September.

Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Bhutan is apparently the happiest country on earth.

I just need to find the money and get it together.

Every night i dream of the Potala. When i have stress at work i think what it will be like to see the Keshav Pradhan

When i look at this photo it makes me want to cry. How amazing!!!

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