Friday, 8 May 2009

Cauldron and Bonded by blood hit the UK

Ughhh i've done it again
Alcohol and total lack of sleep and loads of Heavy metal!


Cauldron arrived in the UK yesterday with Bonded by blood and they've just left on tour this morning. We partied pretty much all night, including going to see SSS at the Underworld.
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I was so stoked to see both these bands, when you work with people closely who are a long way away and you only see periodically - and whats more you like them as people. Its always a pleasure to see them again.

Hence why i ended up with 2 bands, 2 drivers and Lucy staying in my flat last night. I think, I think, i may have surpassed my headbanger record count for staying in my flat. Winner.

I also got to see some of my favourite ladies last night - Olivia, Lucy, Phoebe and Louise.
Double winner.

Now i gotta get some rest.

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