Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sogyal Rinpoche

Its currently the International Buddhist film festival at the Barbican in London. Last night, after having spent the day sorting out Bonded by blood and Cauldron ( see updates on www.earache.tumblr.com or www.talitatwoshoes.tumblr.com ) and then interviewing Stuart Galbraith (of Sonisphere) on the show on www.totalrock.com I dragged Louise (of www.terrorizer.com ) to see a film about Sogyal Rinpoche.
Sogyal Rinpoche. (No metal URL in these brackets)
Author of "The Tibetan book of living and dying" which he published about 8/9 years ago now. Its an accessible book about how to deal with death and how to live life better because of it. He always says "people say to me they are worried about dying, and I always say 'don't worry! You will die successfully!' "
He's a funny monk. Referred to as 'The laughing lama'
I went to his teachings when H.H. Dalai Lama was in Glasgow about 5 years ago and I not only found him easy to understand, but fun and full of enthusiasm. His teachings were one of my favourite I attended that week.
Part of his teachings are about preparing for death and how to care for the dying. I like the candid, honest approach. I hate the taboo of death. I don't think it helps the pain, the person, or the memory. He teaches death and life should be accepted as one thing - approached as u can't have one without the other - as opposed to collecting things and living like u will continue forever, or in the fear of death. Anyway, to be honest you're better off reading his book or seeing him teach than I try and explain it, cause I'm no teacher. I'm just in need of guidance sometimes. And I think its so important, especially working in this world of rock euphoria than I inhabit, to take time out and get perspective. Not only does it make u realise how insignificant rock music, rock journalism, etc are on the big scale of things, but also by looking objectively I realise how lucky I am to inhabit this world I work in, and how when faced with challenges that are stressful - its all in my mind and my approach, sort that out, and everything will be brighter.

So anyway, I'm a rubbish buddhist. Infact I'm not really a buddhist. I attended a week with the Dalai Lama in Glasgow, and I went on a retreat once. And I am, in many ways looking at me going to Tibet as a kind of pilgrimage (although I realise Tibet is not what it was - HH is actively encouraging people to visit Tibet). I can't (currently) meditate. I have no "sky like nature of mind"... Yet. Its a swirl of shit. And ideas. And cheeky thoughts. There's a tibetan saying about all water, if left undisturbed will gradually become clear - like the mind in meditation. Yeh... Errrr
I'm not one of those people on a hippy high about meditating. But I do realise my mind is my own worst enemy. Over thinking is my problem (one of them) - hence partying is my friend.
Partying or meditation.
Anyway, ill get there eventually. There's no rush and no stress on this quest. And even though I'm not strictly speaking a Buddhist, as I learn more I appreciate Buddhism more and I believe in the idea of us all being able to improve and the neccessity of training your mind.

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