Thursday, 28 May 2009

Legacy festival Germany - 2009 festival no. 2

Festival number 2 so far this year. Legacy festival Germany.

I've been to Germany maybe 5 times. One of the first times i went with a French Breakdance crew called CONNEXION to the Breakdance championships, then there was Popkomm, Wacken, and now Legacy.

Unfortuately i dont sprechen ze deutsch. I wish i did. I chose Spanish over German at school, and French overall, and at school i never had the desire to learn German.

Anyway, all i know is that this festival is somewhere near Dessau and that Lucy and i are flying to Berlin, and that we're going to have an adventure.
Just getting there, is going to be an adventure.

This is us with HRH the Queen's declaration that we can travel.
And Lucy looking confused upon arrival.
I think the best thing i can do is take you through this festival in a disused airfield, East Germany, in photos.

So as luck would have it we made friends with some random German metallers. Who all seemed to like folk music and play the flute or the bagpipes. This seems very popular in Germany. Along with Viking music and Celtic mythology. They all had Thor's hammer round their necks.
They helped us get on the right train and sat drinking and chatting with us. I don't know how much any of us understood of what was said.

Later that night its started to rain torrentially. This is the festival site, about midnight, torrential rain and the arrival of the Earache motorhome with Ben and crew to do the merch stall.

I ran around the in the rain. Lucy and i started drinking.
We met one of my favourite Germans - Bjoern Thorsten Jaschinski - he came and met us and plied us with alcohol and we laughed a lot and helped him with the Legacy signing tent. And the alcohol.
I errr.... disgracefully, fell asleep in the back of the motorhome.
But no worries. Bright and early (ahem) as the rain cleared away, the Earache stall was up and running.
And later that night more drinking...

We met up with our German friends from the train:

We made random new friends
We partied with Legacy, with Sabaton, with random black metal bands, with our new German friends, with Nuclear blast, with a piece of grass stuck to the lense of my camera, with stage managers, with Swedes, with Germans, with Romanians.
And then we tried to get Bjoern home to his hotel. Which was difficult. And involved falling over (on his part) and giggling (also on his part).
I got up early and got the train home on Friday - 2 nights in Germany is enough, especially when i'm going back tomorrow for Rock Hard festival!!
I love Germany!

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  1. ahhahaaaaaaHAHAHAHAAAAA Bjorn is soo funny...totally forgot how funny he was that night! winner!