Thursday, 7 May 2009

IN In the Loop

IN: In the Loop

I have been meaning to go and see IN THE LOOP for some time now. Not because of the rave reviews its been getting as this year's great political satire, but because halfway through, some friends of mine called CANNABIS CORPSE are playing in it, in a random bar in Washington D.C.

I've been to Washington D.C.

Here's me in November 2007 with Landphil of Cannabis Corpse / Municipal Waste

Here he is outside the Capitol where all the action takes place in this political comedy about the run up to the Iraq War

It's funny really on many levels

a) this is a BBC film. And they asked Cannabis Corpse to be in it

b) Cannibal Corpse were in Ace Ventura pet detective in a similar club scene

c) this film is mainly about English politics

d) I got to see Landphil on a big screen in Covent Garden. How weird.

When the club scene actually happened i freaked and screamed and threw my Minstrels in the air. Totally accidentally. I tried to take a photo but jumped too much and all i got was a blurry picture of what happened 2 secs later when the camera panned back to the bar where Anna Chlumsky (who once made me cry in My Girl) is chatting to some English drip (*spoiler - why would she do it with him, i mean really?)

So i guess Cannabis Corpse have all of 30 wonderful seconds on screen, not even that. Where you basically get to see Landphil and they play "Sentenced to Burn one".

But how fucking cool is that, they're in a movie - look at the credits! Hahahaha

Here's me with the remainder of my Minstrels after having watched the movie

And here's some random dude on the tube reading a paper with a big advert for the film on the back

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