Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bhutan, Thimphu and Punakha

Bhutan is like waking up in a fairytale. The weather has been so clear and warm and beautiful, and the countryside is mostly untouched. The rice fields are a great yellow/green and the view of the mountains is fantastic. Its like a dream, i didn't really think a place like this of such beauty could exist in our day and age. Of course, it doesn't feel like our day and age. Not because of the national dress everyone wears, or because of the beautiful dzongs, stupas, temples, and buildings with the same (regimented) gorgeous style but because of the politness, the clean air and the general relaxed atmosphere, both to machinery, technology but also people.
I've been up to the temple by the river today and a monastery on a hill, we drove from Thimphu across the mountains and i got my binoculars (thanks mum) out and looked at the snow capped peaks on the border of Bhutan and Tibet. I walked round 108 stupas, i bowed infront of Buddha. I made a group of monks laugh.
I'm relaxed and happy.
I'll have to tell you in more detail when there isn't a queue for the computer (as this is the only one)

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