Friday, 2 October 2009

Heavy metal Bhutan

So as always on my travels, i try to identify metal culture and compare and contrast the differences. Bhutan has never and maybe will never have Metallica or Iron Maiden play on their fertile soil, but our tour guide Thimley still loves Metallica. I leant him my i-pod last night so he could listen to some other bands. He loves AC/DC too.
Metal seems to be the cool thing for kids, especially apparently Korean metal and the Korean metal look. I only know of Cthonic from Korea, but Thimley didn't know about them.
I've seen fake Nightwish t-shirts, they seem popular here (WHY?!), I've seen Black label society, Cradle of Filth and Pantera t-shirts. And a monk in a t-shirt with a pretty grim looking pile of skulls with some (sick) tribal. I'm yet to hear metal being played anywhere, and i haven't seen any gig culture or venues. Although in Thimphu there are 5! Yes 5!! Discoteques. Which play bad house.
Anyway, i'm sure metal lives here!! I know it! And i'm still on the trail!

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