Friday, 2 October 2009

Chop chop the King the King!

I just thought i would let you know as an aside that the King of Bhutan was educated at Oxford, and is 29, and single. He has a little palace by the side of the big Dzong in Thimphu and he's highly elligable. Members of my group are trying to set us up with no luck. They did suggest i ran past the guard to his palace, but i was wearing a long skirt having been in the temple, and that guard looked quick. And i think he knew what we were planning.
Apparently the King is very popular with Thai ladies. I can't tell you why.
According to Tessa and Toni on this tour he has "come to bed" eyes. They know this from the many many portrait photos of him in almost every room of every building in Bhutan.
People also wear badges with his face on. And he has a reserved seat in most of the temples it seems. A super posh gold seat with cushions.
So, i have one day left in Bhutan to hook up with the King. I don't think it's gonna happen somehow, but i think i would make a GREAT Bhutanese princess.

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