Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tigers Nest

While i have wifi, let me just tell you quick about one of the highlights of my time in Bhutan yesterday - trekking up to `"Tigers nest" monastery near Paro in Bhutan. Its called TIGERS NEST because one of the manifestations of Guru Rinpoche (the man who brought Buddhism to Bhutan) had a "spiritul consort" who manifested herself as a Tiger GRRRRRR and the temple was built where Guru Rinpoche mediated in a cave for a few months before finding enlightenment. With the tiger. Grrr!
Tiger's nest is heavenly. It comes out of the side of a mountain, its about a 2 hour trek from "ground" level, and its mostly uphill, so its breath-taking in several ways.
Most of our group, including me, decided to do the first part of the trek by poney. My poney was called DAWA. And he was a lazy sod. But i really quite warmed to him. It wasn't that i couldn't walk up the mountain, but given a chance to ride a horse, i will take it, as there are few chances for me to do this, and it sounded like fun. And much hilarity did ensue. Including Jane slipping right off her horse. The Bhutanese chaps all around in their white cuffed national dress all ran to her aid. Tessa laughed alot, as did i, although Dawa and i were bringing up the rear, as i mentioned before Dawa was more than a bit lazy. Indeed, the most lively i saw him, was when i fed him biscuits when we got to the half way point where the poneys left us to go back down the hill. (The hill? Bloody mountain! Says Jane)

I'm going to post this now as we need to board the plane! Off to Nepal!!

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