Monday, 12 October 2009

Things left unsaid

So now i'm back in London after my adventures in 3 different countries on the other side of the globe. I'm extremely lucky to have had the chance to go to Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal - especially Tibet. Some of what i saw in Tibet i didn't blog about at the time as i didn't want to get anyone or myself into trouble whilst i was out there, and i do think that it would have been possible that communication from behind the Great firewall of China was read and could have led to difficulties - at Lasa airport the Chinese authorities/customs were confiscating travel books on Tibet and cds of prayers or anything that could have been "propaghanda" haahaha what a joke.
So i'll be blogging about what Tibet was actually like in the next few days, but its taking a while to assimulate all the information to give a proper fair opinion. I don't want to seem like i hate the Chinese, i really don't and i don't think that kind of reaction helps anyone at all.
Also, whilst i was away, after all that talk about jabs I GOT BITTEN BY A DOG. For real. Luckily it was the hotel dog at Dwarikas in Kathmandu. And it had had rabies shots, so i wasn't as risk from rabies.
BLOODY ALSATIAN! I like dogs too, but it came along and bit the back of my leg. Ugh! It gave me quite a shock, i haven't mentioned it before as i didn't want to worry my Mum whilst i was away. I was so lucky it had been vaccinated.
Priya - if you read this - do you remember that Alsatian chasing us through your garden when we were about 8 yrs old? This one didn't even chase me, i was only walking back from breakfast, i was still in PJ's, i didn't even say Hi to him. In retrospect however, i did have Catwoman PJ's so maybe that was why.
Another thing i haven't mentioned are the two very sad losses one Monday after another the 2 weeks i was away. Firstly my lovely friend Brian Redman, old bassist of 3 inches of blood,  who i'd only spoken to in Delhi died the next day in a moped accident, he deserves, and will get a blog of his own very soon. And then this last week Mike Alexander, bassist of Evile, died very suddenly in Sweden whilst on tour. I will write more about that soon too. I didn't write about either of their deaths whilst i was away as i couldn't bring myself to, and i didn't have the time i would have liked to give to them both when writing about them, which i do now i'm home.

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